My work is a dedication to the ice-carved mountains, rivers, forests, and ocean that make up my home. I reflect on loss, memory, rebound and change as well as long distances, the unknown, and unpredictability. The naturally occurring forces of this place remind me, as an art maker, to pay close attention, as if the land is speaking and I need to pause long enough to hear the story.

Material choices and application play an important role in my art. I layer encaustic wax, silver leaf, tissue paper, line drawings, photographs, and blueberry-dyed gauze to hand-cut scrap metal. The metal and silver leaf reflects the viewer into the composition and casts light into the piece. Transparent wax seals my thought into each composition. The juxtaposition between the ephemeral quality of my subject matter and the longevity of human-made metal offer a physical layer to the conceptual loss I’m interested in.

Through the art making process, and living simply on the land, I seek this complex, dynamic landscape and break it down like an ecologist would, looking at different layers, stories, and interconnections that create the specific place. I interpret survival, community, and my role as an artist to embrace and decipher change.


Katie Ione Craney, Haines, Alaska

February 2018