My work is a dedication to place: the ice-carved mountains, rivers, forests, and ocean that make up my home. Being surrounded by such beauty stirs a deep yearning to capture what is quickly slipping away. Artmaking helps me to know and understand this complex, dynamic landscape.  

I layer encaustic wax, silver leaf, tissue paper, line drawings, gauze, linen, and blueberry-dyed cheesecloth to hand-cut scrap metal. Transparent wax seals my thought into each composition. The metal and silver leaf reflects the viewer into the composition and casts light into the piece. Such rigid materials also create a subtle tension with the wax and fiber.

These small vignettes are my way of breaking down complicated, long-term social and ecological natures of a changing climate. I reflect on survival, community, and my role as an artist to embrace and decipher this change.